Brokerage Services

Trading with shares, bond trading, trading with treasuries, direct trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange with the COBOS platform at the most favourable conditions, activity as registration agent

Confidential Management

Management of an investment portfolio of securities and financial instruments traded on Bulgarian and world markets, which gives an opportunity for higher profitability compared to the traditional forms of investments

Investment Banking

For its corporate customers DISL offers the following investment and consulting services: public offering of securities, services for public companies, corporative consulting

Registry Agent

Registration of transaction in financial instruments concluded in advance between the parties, donations and inheritance, changing the owners details, issuance of duplicate certificates

Current Projects

Here you can see for information about our current projects

Completed Projects

Information about our completed projects

About us

The intermediary offers a broad and various specter of financial products and services to his individual, corporative and institutional investors in the sphere of the capital markets, investment products and financial consulting.

The achieved good results are due mainly to the good partnership with the company’s customers, financial institutions, as well as with the corresponding regulative and supervising bodies.

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