Confidential Management

What is it like:

Management of an investment portfolio of securities and financial instruments traded on Bulgarian and world markets, which gives an opportunity for higher profitability compared to the traditional forms of investments. Management of the financial assets of the customer is done in the opinion of the investment consultant, as the risk is entirely at the customer.



  • Safe time and make money – The product is for the investors that haven’t got the necessary free time or qualification. The investment consultants carry on a profound conversation with the investor and choose an investment strategy that is appropriate for him and structured the portfolio of financial instruments.
  • Use an individualized product – Your individual preferences, reasons, investment purpose, even emotional attitudes, as well as the determination of particular limits at the management of an individual portfolio of financial assets may be realized by the investors through a conclusion of a contract for assets management with professional managers, that have the appropriate preparation and experience.
  • Receiving a higher profitability – The asset management ensures an opportunity for higher profits for the investors compared to the alternative forms of savings, for ex. bank deposits.
  • Defining the amount of the investment – As an investors with us you may draw or put in money at any time without any sanctions or commissions.
  • Defining the term of the investment – The validity of the investment depends only on your needs and may be changed at any time.
  • Receiving safety – the safety is determined by the fact that the bought securities are a direct possession of the investors. You possess funds and securities at your name at any time.
  • Reasonable commissions – When you gain, we gain too – the remuneration of the experts is determined as a per cent of the profit of the investor.
  • Gaining from the knowledge of our specialists and use up to date and general information.
  • Regular reports on your investments.
  • No taxes are due on capital gains in Bulgaria.


What you must know about your assets?

  • The client’s funds are fully separated from company’s own funds, following our strict policies and procedures, and the Bulgarian law.
  • Your funds are always available to you whenever you need them;
  • You are entrusting your assets to a team of long experienced professionals in the field of trading, brokerage and portfolio management;
  • Your assets are protected by the Investors Compensation Fund – up to BGN 40 000;