COBOS is a trading solution designed to suit the requirements of non-professional investors who like to trade on Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia. The platform allows you to monitor the trade on the exchange and to place orders in real time. Clients who prefer to use COBOS can trade from their home, from the office or any other place with an Internet connection.

You can see all transactions with each instrument, prices, volumes, graphics as well as to monitor your portfolio and your available funds.

COBOS is a platform for clients who would like to pick their stocks on their own and to have direct oversight on their positions. It is for the ones that have the opportunity to monitor the market and to take real-time actions.

Advantages of using COBOS:

  • Monitor your trading easily and place orders in real time;
  • Access your platform and trade from around the world, all you need is a computer with Internet connection (and installed certificate);
  • Trade each instrument on BSE – shares, bonds, compensatory vouchers and structured products;
  • Maximum security – a personal certificate (key), an username and a password are required for a client to log-in; your personal data is encrypted and is protected with up-to-date security protocols;
  • Save time and funds as it eliminates the need to visit our office to place orders and conclude transactions;
  • Receive a full account activity report on the end of each month;
  • Gain free access to our daily market comment as well as to all of our market and company analyses;
  • Enjoy Direct Market Access (DMA) – COBOS is still preferred by lots of traders because of the direct access to the exchange’s floor that it provides;
  • Real-time graphics and streaming information for each listed instrument. Everything loads with the platform’s launch, showing you instantly the latest activity and the most recent  news, related to your trading;

* At registration each COBOS client receives a personal certificate (that gives you an authorization to work with the platform). It must be installed on every computer which you would use the platform on. In order to use it you are required to pay an annual charge which amounts to BGN 72.00 per year.