Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia was officially licensed by the State Securities and Exchange Commission to operate as a stock exchange on October 9, 1997 and is currently the only functioning stock exchange in Bulgaria. The scope of the Exchange activity includes the following:

  1. Organizing trading in securities and other financial instruments;
  2. Operation and maintenance of information systems for trading in securities;
  3. Establishment and maintenance of a clearing system guaranteeing the obligations assumed under securities transactions executed on the Exchange.

There are more than 370 publicly traded companies whose shares are listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia. There are also nearly 60 bonds and three issues of compensatory instruments.

We introduce to our clients the opportunity to trade with shares, bonds and compensatory vouchers on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia. Our clients enjoy superb personal approach and as well as access to our professional view on the market.

Available to you are a bunch of advantages:

  • Instant execution;
  • Extremely low commissions;
  • Full transparency and accountability – you always receive full information on your account and all activity in it;
  • Administration of clients’ funds (deposits, withdrawals etc.)
  • Unlimited market access – thanks to trading platform COBOS you have constant control on your investments wherever you are;
  • Direct contact with broker – our team is at your services every trading day from 9 am to 5 pm;
  • Free access to all our analyses – you gain free access to a vast database of our past and current comments and analyses; it is easy to subscribe via email to receive them on a regular basis, or you can have them individually by request;
  • Optimize your trading expenses – we monitor your activity to help you make the best of your traders. If you are an active trader, you get better conditions. Trade more, pay less.

We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients as we share with them our experience and profound knowledge of the capital markets.