DISL Securities has concluded a contract with Central Depository for conduct of business as a Registry Agent, which includes the following services for clients:

  • Deals with financial instruments, pre-arranged between the parties;
  • Transfer of financial instruments in case of inheritance or donation;
  • Change of details of the owner of the financial instruments;
  • Corrections to details;
  • Request for the status of a portfolio of financial instruments;
  • Issuance of certificates and other actions foreseen in the rules and regulations of the corresponding depositary institution.


Inheriting of Securities

Securities of deceased persons cannot be directly sold, regardless of agreements on principle reached between the inheritors. A procedure of inheriting must be followed first. Obligatory documents are: Current Certificate of Heirs (not older than 6 months) and Contract on Partition /Distribution of the Inheritance certified by a notary public (in case that the inheritors are two or more). You can find the necessary forms and explanations in our offices in the country.


Duplicate of a depository receipt

Provided that you do not have a depository receipt for the securities owned by you, you can apply through us for obtaining a duplicate from Central Depository JSC. The document is required upon sale of the securities and certifies that you are registered as owner.


Information on the amounts of securities (portfolio)

You can receive information/check up on all securities filed on a certain name at Central Depository JSC. A portfolio is procured in case of loss of documents and uncertainty of the owner, in which issuer is his share participation.