Brokerage Services

Trading with shares

  • Mediation in share transactions on the account of the customer and in privatization transactions on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia, as well as trading with compensatory instruments and investment bonds;
  • Management of individual share portfolios and/or financial portfolios;
  • Preparation of grounding reports for determination of the fair market price of the shares and a strategy for buy-out of shares;
  • Representation of share holders before the emitter of shares on the General Assemblies of the shareholders;
  • Economic and legal analysis of companies and investment advising.

Bond trading

  • Corporative bonds – they are emitted by companies which use them to finance their business activities or a specific investment project.
  • Mortgage bonds – securities with fixed profit which are considered to be one of the most liquid low-risk investment options. Emitters of mortgage bonds in Bulgaria are mainly the commercial banks. These are one of the most liquid debt instruments.
  • Municipal bonds – low-risk securities which are bond emissions issued by municipalities.

Trading with treasuries

  • Participation on the account of customers on primal auctions of the Bulgarian National Bank and the Ministry of finance;
  • Transfer of treasuries to accounts in the Bulgarian National Bank and sale and purchase of treasuries;
  • Orders for sale and purchase of treasuries registered for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia;
  • Repos. transactions with treasuries.

Direct trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange with the COBOS platform at the most favourable conditions

  • COBOS is an Internet-based application for real-time access to the trading system of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange which provides every investor with the opportunity to take active part in the trading process on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Activity as registration agent

  • deals with securities, closed in advance directly between the parties;
  • transfer of dematerialized financial instruments when inherited or donated;
  • changes of data for the owners of на dematerialized financial instruments, changes of wrong data, issuing of duplicates of certifications documents and other activities, foreseen in the Rules of the relative Depository institution;